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How to Get More Likes on Instagram Posts

How to Get More Likes on Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than one billion active users each month. Having such a huge population on Instagram means it is the ideal place for businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their brands.

The trick to being successful on Instagram is ensuring your posts are getting as many likes as possible. People gravitate towards accounts with a lot of likes, as they want to be in on the latest trend or interesting product.

Getting more likes also means your account is rated better by the Instagram algorithm, which makes the account more visible to users who search related topics and keywords.

Below are some ways to ensure you are getting more likes on your Instagram posts.

Create Quality Content

The basis for any quality Instagram account is having very good content. You have to ensure that what you are posting is authentic, relevant, interesting and unique. If your posts are boring, all the tricks in the world are not going to help your account become more popular.

Focus on making each post unique in its message and aesthetic, while ensuring all your posts look as though they were done by a professional. Taking such steps to improve your content will ensure it catches the eye of people when they are scrolling through different posts.

Your goal is to ensure people see your post and immediately want to click on your account, and then follow you for the foreseeable future.

Leverage Hashtags To Your Benefit

One of the most interesting ways to gain traction on Instagram is through hashtags. If you are ever on the platform and you notice a hashtag on a post, click on it and you will see an entirely new page open.

The hashtag will allow you to see all posts that are made using that hashtag. You are likely to see the most popular and trending posts from the past day, which is why you want your account to be seen as popular and trendy by people and the algorithm.

Ensure you are using all relevant hashtags, such as the category of your posts, area where you are doing business and anything else that may be relevant. But do not add too many hashtags either.

Some people make the mistake of putting 20 hashtags on their post. Going in that direction is overkill, and will make people think your post is spam by a bot. Ensure you are using the most relevant hashtags, and not filling up your post with many variations of the same few words.

Create Fun Captions

The days of people solely looking at pictures on Instagram are long gone. The platform will always have a photo-first approach, but the captions on your posts matter a great deal as well.

People can say a lot within those captions. You can write entire essays, make passionate speeches, or write witty one-liners to excite your audience. The captions you are putting on your posts should be relevant to the picture and your business.

Think about the brand you want to build. Your captions should fit within that brand. Having a singular voice on all your posts will help you attract the type of audience you want.

Another tip is to respond when people comment on your post or caption. Do not be afraid to engage, but always remain friendly.

Post All The Time

Posting infrequently is the worst mistake you can make on any social media platform. If you are making a single post a week, you are not going to gain any traction, regardless of how good that post may have been.

While you should not be spamming people’s feeds with posts, you should be posting at least a couple of times a day. Try to keep a regular schedule for your posts, such as posting at a similar time each day.

By creating a schedule for your posts, you give your audience something to expect each day. They will know that you are putting up a new picture or video at a certain time each day, which will drive them to visit your account page on Instagram more often.

Considering Buying Likes

Even if you try all of the above strategies, you may not see the substantial increase in likes you are seeking. Another issue is that creating the ideal posting strategies and schedules is time consuming.

Not everyone has hours to dedicate to Instagram, especially if they are running a business at the same time. If you want to find a faster way to get more likes on your post, you may want to consider buying likes.

There is a legitimate reason to purchase likes, even if you are taking those other steps to improve organic likes as well. Think of buying likes as an accelerant. The purchase will not take your account from anything to greatness, but it will speed up your rise on the platform.

Use a Reputable Source for Likes

If you do choose to purchase likes on Instagram, make sure you are doing it through a reputable seller. There are far too many websites that sell very cheap Instagram likes because they are low quality. These likes are easily detected by the algorithm and may be removed within a few days.

When you are paying money for likes, you want them to remain in place and have a positive impact on how the algorithm views your account. Only reputable sellers can get these high quality likes for you.

Purchasing likes will ensure your account rises in popularity very quickly. People will see your account in their feed and search results pages a lot more often, and the quality of your posts will ensure they follow you as well.

To Conclude

By using the above tricks, and then purchasing likes at strategic moments, you can ensure your account is getting as many likes on Instagram as possible. Within a few months, you will have a much more prominent account, which will improve your entire digital marketing strategy.

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